Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sheep found on roof!

Firemen have rescued a sheep from the roof of a terraced house in south Wales.

The lost sheep spent 40 minutes on the tiles at Nant-Yr-Ychain Terrace in Pontycymmer near Bridgend, which backs onto a hill.

"It must have gone through a neighbour's back garden onto our bathroom extension and then the roof,"

The animal eventually jumped down onto another extension and escaped unhurt.

Mrs Walters, 38, said she was watching television on Saturday afternoon in the house which she shares with husband Neil when she heard a bleating sound.

"We occasionally get sheep wandering along the street so I didn't think any more of it."

When the noise continued, Mrs Walters said, she went outside to investigate further.

"I turned and looked at the house and saw the sheep on the roof, I was stunned when I saw it."

Mrs Walters said she thought the sheep gained entry to a neighbour's garden, then leapt onto a bathroom extension and up onto the roof.

"Someone I think called the fire service out and before long there were four firemen up there trying to rescue it, all my neighbours were out on the street, there must have been 15 of us by the end."

Mrs Walters said the sheep kept walking back and forth on the roof between the chimney stacks for 40 minutes.
"Then it jumped over a gap four doors down onto another roof, walked down another extension and got back down onto the back lane, it was funny at first but then it was soon clear that the sheep was distressed."

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that it had dealt with an emergency call at 1402 on Saturday at the street, and that the sheep escaped unhurt.

Mrs Walters, a senior care assistant who works at a residential home in Tondu near Bridgend, said she had not been back to work since the incident.

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  1. I guess the sheep was having - *puts on shades* - a "baaad" day!

  2. wow Xd never heard of a sheep getting stuck on a roof.

  3. She hasn't been back to work since the "incident". Lol is she traumatized by a sheep? Really?

  4. This is almost as silly as the story with the tiger :P.

  5. Aha, that's amazing. Gotta love animals.

  6. That's halarious! Sheep are so goofy. :) Great post.

  7. And the sheep shall inherit the earth!
    The rapture is upon us. REPENT YOUR PINS!!

  8. If seeing a sheep on a roof doesn't make you do a double-take then I don't know what will.

  9. That's an odd place to find a sheep. I never see sheep where I live, so seeing one on a roof would be really wild.

  10. It reminds me of Shrek the sheep ;-; who died.

  11. Jajajja the sheep is the mad one

  12. Pockets said...

    "When sheeps fly."

    We are all f*cked

    Odd and funny info :P

  13. somwhere on there is a pic of a cow stuck on a house roof after the brisbane floods..ill post alink when i can find it again.

  14. sheeps are pretty badass, this shows it yet again

  15. Hahaha!Reminds me of my last cat! +one follower!